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Mar 17 15

Clients Who Make Hell Seem Like Heaven

by admin

When I became a graphic designer little did I guess that I will face the oddest specimens of human species? A normal intelligent decent human becomes a manifestation of the toughest taskmaster which might put a Roman Slave driver to shame. I have had clients who claim to be design challenged with no creative bone in them suddenly incarnate into spirit of Michael Angelo when they see the first of design concepts. There was client who almost sued me because he did know how to open a zip file and thought I was bluffing him when I told him that all files were in the zip file. I can never forget the day that a client walked in the office ready to break my bones because he was spammed by pseudo Viagra companies. He thought our company was responsible as we have provided him with hosting and emails. Moreover his wife was not amused.

The list is endless and quite funny provided you are not handling the project. But this is a major problem faced by graphic designers. They have to deal with so many clients who don’t have a clue about design or development services. The only thing they care about is the end product which looks simple to them. Most never realize the hard work, skills and experience which go into creating graphic designs. It is common to think that all work related to computer is easy and automatic with no hiccups or hard work.


Here are some hilarious true responses of clients which can make any graphic design grind his teeth.

Classic client answer to any question involving two options:

“Well, let’s try it both ways and see how it looks.”

“Can you make it so the emails that get sent can’t be forwarded?

I have an old website, but I want a new one. Is there any option to sell off the pixels of the old one?

One client called me this morning. After a brief discussion and proposing the price, suddenly he said: “I’m sorry; I thought freelancers work for free.”

5 Words I hate, and hear daily:Just have fun with it:-

A client called complaining that she couldn’t access the company website. When I get there, this is what she had typed in the URL field: “the company website”.

We are re-branding our e-commerce site. You have 3 days to come up with a logo. 3 days to concept the website. 1 day to finalize the web design. We launch on Friday.

Thanks for emailing me the PDF. Can you please resend it to me at 100% and not at 147%?

The Board is not willing to pay for website during tough times. We feel that there are many unemployed web designers that will volunteer their talent.

And This One Takes the Cake and Icing with All Flavors:-

Me: “Ok, we’ve made the site live.”

Client: “Why isn’t the site #1 on Google yet?”

Me: “We just made it live five minutes ago.”

Client: “Optimize the fireball.”

Me: “I’m sorry? Do you mean the firewall?”

Client: “I need more hits NOW, so I need you to optimize the fireball. I know what I’m talking about!”

Me: “We’ll get right on it.”

So next time if you feel down in the dumps due to an unreasonable client, read this article and remember you are not alone.

Mar 3 15

Trendy Tips for Successful Logo Designs

by admin

Logo is the personality of the company. The logo should reflect image and character of the company brand it represents.

Here are 5 latest trends for a successful logo:-

1. Less is more

Keep it simple is the new mantra of logo design. The logo design must be easy to look at and easy to understand. Simple concepts always attract attention and retain interest. Some of the simple yet world famous logo designs are known for their simplicity and clarity like McDonald’s, Nike, and IBM. Most brands want to represent their brand in simple way.

McDonald’s ↧


Nike ↧


2. Brand character

The logo must convey the brand message of the company so that the communication with customers is easy to comprehend. There are companies with sophisticated image like Chanel, Calvin Klein so their logo reflects that feel. Some companies want to convey a friendly attitude. Hence their logo designs have fun factor with a groovy feel like Starbucks, Jucy Rentals and Disney. The logo of a company is an extension of the character and personality of the business.

Starbucks ↧

starbucks logo

Disney ↧


3. Remembrance

Logo which can build memories make the companies last long. This inspires customers to come again and again. Happy customer can lead to family and friends recommendations and referrals. Logo becomes a heritage symbol for future generations like Rolls Royce, Coca cola, Cadbury’s etc.

Rolls Royce ↧


Coca cola ↧


4. Uniqueness

Logo must have unique which is not shared with any other logo. It can be an emotional touch, sense of humor, some witty tagline, a special message or cultural images. Such remarkable aspects help to make the unique and creative. Logo designs like Qantas, Air New Zealand and UNICEF.

Air New Zealand ↧




5. Market friendly

Logo should appeal to the general public so that they can identify with the logo and its company. People should identify with the company and its products. Positive feedback for the logo design is important so that it can become popular amongst the masses like KFC, Puma, Toyota, Sony, WWF are some popular market friendly logo designs.



Puma ↧