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Quality logo design guidelines

by admin on August 5th, 2013

Logos are crucial. They establish brand identity and distinction from the rest of the businesses in the competition. Designing it is not an easy task as well. You may use free logo designing tools online, but without a professional designer to help, it may end up crappy. Crappy designs are counterproductive, since this destroys the idea of brand identity and puts the company in a bad light. But then, what makes a good logo design?

Here are criteria for a good logo design:

    1. Simplicity – Less is more. That applies even to logo design. Just check how simple the Converse logo is. It’s just a star in a circle with text on it. Simple, right? But it works, because Converse is a globally known brand now. Another case in point is Nike, their swoosh check-mark-like logo is just simple, but it has made the Nike identity. Anywhere in the world, you see those logos; you instantly affiliate them with the mentioned companies. Function over aesthetics is the rule of thumb in logo design. Simplicity represents functions more, compared to aesthetically complex logos. It also helps in easy identification of the company.converse-logo designPopular nike Logo Design
    2. Uniqueness – The logo must be unique. If the logo used by a company is nearly the same as a lot of the competition, it becomes confusing. You may have created confusion between the brands that you compete with, but in the end, you are also part of those who suffer because some of your clients may mistake your competition as you. It can get confusing. To avoid this confusion, the logo design must set you apart. Distinction is needed to be created.famous-mcdonalds-australia-logo
    3. Memorability – If your clients see your logo and they don’t remember it, go for a redesign quickly. Memorability is something that we need in logo designs. Again, when we see the swoosh check-mark from Nike, we distinguish it; but beyond that, we have memorized how it looks, and how it attracted us to knowing the brand. This is the same when you are making your own logo design. When your clients can remember what your logo looks like, you succeed in creating visual impact and an identifiable image that one can notice amid a large crowd. Good designs are memorable, that’s the rule of thumb.Beautiful kfc-logo design
    4. Purpose – Logos must be relevant, too. Logos are there to give identity to a company. In essence, the logo should be clear in its relevance to the company. Your logo is the one picture that represents the entirety of what you do. Make sure that it works, otherwise, people wouldn’t really bother that much.Inspiring FedEx Logo Design
    5. Multi-platform flexibility – In today’s marketing world, you’re no longer stuck with one medium being produced for marketing material. It’s no longer just brochures, or just giveaway promo materials. Today, the marketing must be done in multiple platforms – print, broadcast, and online. These forms of marketing create the need for a more flexible logo design. How will your logo look animated? What about in 3D? These questions must be answered. These questions create the standard. When your logo is effective enough, it can be inserted in any platform and shine.Stylish apple-logo

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Anush Malik is an awesome graphic designer as well as a creative blogger at Logo Design Australia who writes amazing articles on topics like logo design, print design, brochure design, web design etc.

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