High quality commercial icon designs by Logo People

If you think that our services are limited to website and brochure designing, you sure need to think again! The professional team of designers at Logo People is aptly equipped with the expertise and skills to design the best quality icon designs. The icons that we design are meant for software applications, websites, handheld devices and a number of other customized solutions.

We offer best quality icons irrespective of where you are based in Australia. The experts at Logo People have years of experience in icon designing and have worked on a variety of media platforms to work on different image formats, graphic styles and techniques. The team at Logo People is comprised of thoroughly professional individuals, so you can rest assured that your icon design would be unique, eye-catching and function - guaranteed to spruce up your project!

So, if you truly want an out of this world icon design that is professional, unique and appealing to look at, get in touch with the professional team of Logo People at +61-2-8003-4622.

1. Software Application Icon Design

Software icons are used by computer programs. Microsoft Word and Mac uses numerous small medium and large icons embedded in the software to communicate operational functionalities

Koru icon design for New zealand software company

- 256 x 256 at 32-bit
- 48 x 48 at 32-bit
- 32 x 32 at 32-bit
- 16 x 16 at 32-bit
- 256 x 256 at 8-bit (256 colors)
- 48 x 48 at 8-bit (256 colors)
- 32 x 32 at 8-bit (256 colors)
- 16 x 16 at 8-bit (256 colors)

new zealand flag icon
Kiwi bird icon
silver firn icon
sheep icon in png
koru icon
rugby icon design

2. Android or Iphone icon design

You can develop icons for numerous aspects of your mobile application's user interface to be in tune with the Android and Iphone operating systems.

android icon design company

3.Desktop Icons

Desktop icons are most common icons . They can convey variety of functions for computing functionality ranging from simple to complex.

java based application software icon

4. Emoticons

An emoticon is a graphic representation of a moods or facial expression or feelings. They can convey feeling of the moment to ad human touch to the online communication. Mostly used in Yahoo,skype,MSN messengers like smilies.

5. Web site Icons

Website icons are global and describe the values to represent the purpose of a functionality and operations within the website

6.Messenger Icons

These Icons are used by communication and mobile devices like Chat Messengers, Mobile phones, VOIP phones. Icons used here are small, eyecatching and compatible with all communication applications