How we work

Before placing an order

Prior to placing an order, make sure that you check out our logo design portfolio so that you clearly comprehend the graphic design and artwork experience that we hold at Logo People. Also, it is highly recommended for you to go through our pricing packages on our pricing page and choose the package that suits your needs best. Our pricing chart is easy to understand, and the crux of the matter here is that you get what you pay for. If you have any queries at all, just click on our online chat link to be able to speak directly with our graphic designers who have the potential to make it easier for you to choose the pricing plan that is best for you as per your individual needs.

Placing an order

Once the payment is done with, you may now move on to providing the complete details of your project through the given questionnaire. Please remember that this is an extremely important step, for which reason you should take ample time to answer every question given in the questionnaire. It is highly recommended for you to provide maximum details and information, together with suggestions and samples if any. This way, we would be in a better position to design and deliver the project as per your requirements. Paying ample attention to this step is going to help you receive the best value for your money.

Creation of the required design

The next step involves the creation of the required design. Here, our graphic designer is going to go through the project questionnaire that you have just filled and carry out detailed research over the requirements that you have mentioned. If further guidelines or clarification are needed, our designers might even give you a call. Here, the basic aim of our logo designer will be to create a logo concept that is solely based over the information provided in the questionnaire. Every concept that we come up with for you is going to be an amalgamation of the detailed input that you have provided together with our innovative design skills and years of experience. Please bear in mind that we never make use of any premade designs or clip art and our work is guaranteed to be completely fresh. Every single element that goes into the creation of your logo design will be custom made. Once we create all of the concepts, they will be submitted to you for feedback and suggestions in terms of further improvement.

Awesome restaurant logo design
Design development

We will now proceed to further developing and refining the design concepts as per the suggestions and feedback that you send. In order to make sure that the logo design is completely in tune with your vision, our graphic designers are going to enhance its graphics, colors, ideas, fonts and layout. Our designers are going to continue working on your logo design to the point that you are 100% satisfied with it. However, thanks to the years of experience that our designers have in this field, you can rest-assured that the entire procedure is going to be extremely quick and easy. The next thing that we will do is scan the ideas and work on them in a vector editing software. For a majority of our logo design work, we typically use Adobe Illustrator CS5 and Adobe Photoshop.

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Selecting the best design

After a few revisions, you would be in a position to choose one concept that you really like and find to be most suitable. You might even be interested in choosing sections from varying concepts and amalgamate them into a single concept that you would like developed further. However, please bear in mind the fact that we will not be working on multiple final concepts. Once you choose a concept, we cannot go back. The thing is that the low cost nature of our designing service does not allow us to work on multiple concepts or keep switching back and forth limitlessly.

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Final approval

As soon as we receive a final approval from you, we will completely the project and prepare high resolution files for you to use. We will deliver all final vector files once the logo has been approved in the following formats:

Final approval

You may use these files for varying purposes including stationery, signage, animation, clothing, and website etc. Please remember that these are editable source files that are to be used by your printers, embroidery company, vinyl printers etc to print your logo. For utilization on web page, we will be providing you with a GIF (with a transparent background), along with a JPEG to be used in other documents such as fax sheets, Word, Excel etc.

Leave us a testimonial

Lastly, we would highly appreciate it if you could leave a feedback for us once the project is finished. The testimonial and feedback that you leave for us will serve as a guideline that would allow us to make further improvements and developments in our graphic designing services.